Fish Feed

Fish Feed

Breeder Feed 600g / 1000mL

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Introducing Zewa Feeds - Revolutionising Hatchery Nutrition for Small Fish Enthusiasts!

Product Details:

Packing size : 600g / 1000mL

Pellet Size Variant Selection:

B0: Ideal for larvae <0.125mm.
B1: Perfect for fish 0.125 mm-0.3 mm.
B2: Specifically for 0.3mm-0.5mm larvae.
B3: 0.5mm-0.8mm.

See the Difference in Days: Zewa Feeds, powered by high-bioavailable insect protein, ensures rapid results in fish growth.

Key Features:

Insect Protein Powerhouse: Essential amino acids for robust fish larvae growth.
Omega-3 Enrichment: Superior brain and eye development.
Vitamin & Mineral Fortification: Boosts immune system and overall health.
Tailored Particle Size: Easy consumption for varying-sized fish larvae.
Enhanced Pigmentation: Vibrant colours in ornamental fish.
Long Shelf Life: Convenient dry formulation for easy storage.
Maintains nutritional integrity.

Nutritional Composition:

Protein: 52% min, Carbs: 12%, Fat: 12%, Calcium: 3, Phosphorus: 3, Ash: 12%, Moisture: <5%

Premium Ingredients:

Insect Meal, Spirulina extract, Natural Carotenoids, Fish Meal, Shrimp Meal, Ground Nut Cake, Soya, Wheat, Corn, Fish Oil, Vegetable Oil, Insect Oil, Mixed Carotenoids, Moringa extract, Garlic, Natural Preservatives.

Ideal for Hatcheries Raising:

Other Ornamental Fish Larvae

Upgrade your hatchery with Zewa Feeds - Nourishing the Future of Ornamental Fish!

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