Fish Feed

Fish Feed

Cichlid Power Bites 250g/500ml

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Elevate your Cichlids' Vibrancy and Vitality with Zewa Cichlid Power Bites - Tailored Nutrition in Medium Pellets! Specifically designed to meet the nutritional needs of Cichlids, our formula is based on high-grade insect protein and Spirulina, ensuring full digestibility and maximum nutrition. Supports muscle development and overall health and is rich in omega fatty acids for the well-being of your Cichlids. Fortified with antioxidants for a robust immune system. Product Details: Packing Size: 300g/500mL Pellet Size Variant Selection: C3 (0.5mm 0.8mm)
C4 (0.8mm 1.2mm) Ingredients: Insect Meal, Spirulina Extract, Natural Carotenoids, Fish Meal, Shrimp Meal, Ground Nut Cake, Soya, Wheat, Corn, Fish Oil, Vegetable Oil, Insect Oil, Mixed Carotenoids, Moringa Extract, Garlic, Natural Preservatives Nutritional Composition: Protein: 42% min, Carbs: 10%, Fat: 14%, Calcium: 3, Phosphorus: 2, Ash: 12%, Moisture: <5%
 Special Formulation for Cichlid: Health Vital nutrient profiles and high energy for sustained growth and performance.
Reduces the chances of bloating, ensuring long-term well-being. Ideal for Cichlid Species: African Cichlids
South American Cichlids
Central American Cichlids
Also Suitable for Broodstock:
Formulated to maximise mating results and egg yield for broodstock. Choose Zewa Cichlid Power Bites - Where Tailored Nutrition Meets Medium Pellets!

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